Dreaming of Building Mizian Peace Ecovillage

Hello, I am mizian.

And my location is at the seaside of the Angang Bay and hillside of the Hogu Mt. in Namhae Island, on the southern-most area of Korean Peninsula. (N: 34°46’41.12″ E: 127°55’17.94″)

I am a natural farming addict and previously I was a planning director of the Namhae Ecovillage Association, which is a non-profit organization.

Currently I would like to build a Peace Ecovillage, that is, a sustainable community, and I wish I could find some co-builders. The community would be a system of community-of-goods and non-discrimination between nationalities, so a peace community.

You may know the definition of the ecovillage by Robert Gilman:

Human-scale•with multiple centers of initiative•full-featured settlement•in which human activities are harmlessly integrated into the natural world•in a way that is supportive of healthy human development and can be successfully continued into the indefinite future.

If you would like to discuss building an ecovillage, please leave me a message.

Thank you from Namhae Island, South Korea.

The Angang Bay

My location - The Angang Bay: This view was seen from the Mt. Hogu


미지안 평화공동체 출범을 위한 작업…

미지안 평화공동체를 만들기 위한 많은 사색과 실험이 있었다.

그러나 그것은 사색과 실험이었이었을 뿐 실제로 진행된 것은 아니다.

이제, 저돌적인 힘으로, 지적 경제적 준비가 된 것은 아니나,

공동체는 혼자서 만드는 것이 아니므로, 어렴풋이나마 뜻을 같이 하는 사람들이

글을 남기고, 작업을 같이 할 것이라 믿는다.

– 정식명칭은 미지안 평화생태 공동체, 약식명칭은 미지안 공동체가 될 것이다. 혹은 미지안 평화공동체, 혹은 미지안 생태공동체라 부르기도 할 것이다. –

– homepage     – http://www.mizian.org : *this site is under constrction

– Yes, English name for the organization may be “Mizion Peace Ecovillage”, or “Mizion Peace Community.”